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What is Golkonda New York's conflict-free diamond policy?

At, we solely sell diamonds that adhere to the standards established by the Kimberley Process and originate from channels certified by the Responsible Jewellry Council (RJC). Both governing bodies offer an international system created under the United Nations and NGO's, to lay out policies that govern human rights.

This ensures that all precious metals, rough and polished diamonds we trade in are from conflict-free sources and have been handled with the highest standards throughout the entire chain of custody. Ethical sourcing is at the forefront of our supply channels. We support the Kimberley process, which is an International process to track and certify diamonds.

As affiliates of a RJC (Responsible jewelry Council) member we commit to and are independently audited against the RJC Code of Practices, an international standard on responsible business practices for diamonds, gold and platinum group metals. The Code of Practices addresses human rights, labour rights, environmental impact, mining practices, product disclosure and many more important topics in the jewelery supply chain. Diamonds are a major source of good in many nations, employing and providing healthcare to thousands.


What is a GIA Report?

A Diamond Grading Report documents the specific characteristics of a diamond. These reports are issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which is among the most respected organizations in the diamond industry.

The GIA Diamond Grading Report includes an assessment of the 4Cs – Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight – along with a plotted diagram of its clarity characteristics and a graphic representation of the diamond’s proportions. For standard round brilliant cut diamonds falling in the D-to-Z color range, the report also includes a GIA Cut grade.

GIA reports represent the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity. And now, GIA Report Check is available for all GIA reports, providing you with an additional level of assurance. With Report Check, you can quickly and conveniently confirm that the information on your report matches what is archived in the GIA report database.



What is your warranty ?

Our Warranty and Lifetime Diamond Trade-in services gives you peace of mind. We stand behind everything we sell and warrant that all items will be free from any manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. In the event that there is ever a problem with your jewelry, it can be mailed back to our offices for inspection. If the problem is deemed to be from a structural defect, we will repair or replace the item at no charge to you. If the damage is caused by normal wear-and-tear, then our offices will repair your jewelry at cost. You may also return your jewelry to our offices for free prong tightening, re-polishing, rhodium plating and cleaning for the life of your fine jewelry. All of our diamond jewelry is manufactured using the highest quality materials and is inspected prior to shipment. Once you receive your item you can have it professionally cleaned and inspected locally. Most jewelry stores perform these inspection services for free, including steam cleaning your ring and checking the prongs for tightness, regardless of where you made your original purchase. You can also clean the jewelry yourself using jewelry cleaner or a toothbrush and warm soapy water.


Who certifies all the diamonds offered by

We sell diamonds certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America). GIA is the most respected laboratory in the diamond industry, and is known for their consistency and unbiased diamond grading systems. Diamonds that are accompanied by these grading reports are the most highly valued in the industry.

 In addition to being graded by the GIA, all Clear Light Cut ® Collection diamonds are certified by GCAL. This additional certification provides a second independent and authoritative analysis of your diamond. GCAL also verifies that your diamond meets all of the demanding quality requirements of the perfect Clear Light Cut ©.


What is the Clear Light Cut ® by

The history of diamond cuts can be traced back for centuries. A major advancement involved polishing of the natural octahedral crystal faces to acheive even and unblemished facets. The first brilliant cut with 17 facets dates back to the 17th century, evolving to the modern 58 facets. More than 500 years of experimentation led to the introduction of the modern brilliant cut in the early 1900's.

The way a diamond is cut has the biggest effect on its appearance. The cut is therefore considered to be one of the most important characteristic of a diamond. Optimizing the number of facets is critical when calculating the light paths in a gem. The Clear Light Cut ® by Golkonda is the ultimate expression and was created for those who desire a diamond with superior light optical performance.

This cut achieves maximum brilliance, dispersion and scintillation. Light that is reflected off the surface of a diamond is known as brilliance. Light that enters a diamond and is refracted to create the spectral flashes of color is referred to as as dispersion or fire. Scintillation refers to the dance of of light in a diamond.

The finest uncut diamond rough found in nature is used to create this exceptional cut, with its exact measurements. Over 75 percent of the rough diamond is polished away in order to achieve the ideal proportions and angles for unparalleled brilliance. The Clear Light Cut ® is accompanied by dual certification from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and GCAL (Gem Certification & Assurance Lab)